Modest attire

Jilbab | A combination of modesty and fashion

A Jilbab is a clothing garment that is designed to be slightly loose retaining the modesty of a woman. Additionally,  it is commonly a maxi coat that compensates for an outdoor coat/raincoat however retains a muslim women’s modesty. Moreover, they are generally worn in the Middle East and Turkey and link in with the islamic and cultural tradition. Our Range are made in Turkey and elaborate on modesty and elegance in the fashion industry.

Arabesque brings you more than one possibility to retain your modesty. Not only does it conceal the body but it also incorporates fashion into each piece of clothing. If a day to day outfit is what you are looking for, then our jilbab range is ideal. Our winter collection has a lining on the inside for the colder months, allowing you to throw it over any outfit.