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Arabesque is a specialist in Hijabs of all shapes and sizes. Our hijab store online showcases a variety of both plain and printed, square and long and one and two-piece hijabs. The hijab fashion shop is exclusive to us. Our hijabs are brought to you from glorious Dubai and artistic Istanbul.

Our Islamic hijab store UK delivers Square hijabs that are easy to wear and perfect for beginners or want to look effortlessly elegant. The square hijab is folded into a triangle and pinned into place below the chin. We are unique in offering the largest colourful selection of square hijabs on our hijab store in the UK.

Our long hijabs are distinctive and elegant. We sell textured and smooth, plain and printed hijabs online. Our collections vary according to the fashion, and are updated accordingly.

One-piece hijabs are the simplest style of hijab. Beginners are commonly introduced to this style and absolutely love it! It can just be slipped over the head and does not move out of place. These are available to purchase from our hijab online shop.

Two-piece hijabs are perfect for practical use, whether it is to match your scrubs or for children at school. The two-piece hijab comes in two materials – Cotton and Lycra. They both come with a separate under scarf piece and another piece to go over. It’s an easy wear hijab. Arabesque offers these hijabs on our hijab fashion shop!

With our huge selection there’s nothing easier than to buy hijabs online.