Buy Dubai Womens Style Front Open Abayas | Open Abaya Maxi Dress

With Open Abayas becoming the latest fashion statement, Arabesque brings New and Exclusive designs from the United Arab Emirates. Not only do we follow the current trends for the latest designs, we design our own collections ensuring modesty, fashion and elegance are the key focus points.

The front open style abaya is effectively the most common style of abaya in this fashion era. It’s a trendy, modest, elegant look that is ideal for the western female Muslim. Not only is the abaya modest but it is a fashion piece that is becoming more popular and growing immensely, as is the halal industry.

Our open front abayas are of two types. Some come along with snap fasteners, giving you the option of keeping the abaya closed, others without. Depending on the look you’re going after we cater for all. Even if the abaya comes without snap fasteners, we offer a cost-effective solution which is to couple it with one of our slip dresses.

Open abayas can be practical and just as stylish. Arabesque provides stylish abaya UK designs from the bestselling Lujain abaya (open) to the bestselling border abaya perfect for Hajj/Umrah.

Purchase our open abayas online with confidence and no disappointment!