Buy Long Batwing Abaya Dress | Plain Black Batwing Abaya

Batwing Abayas are designed to hide the figure of a woman. These batwing abaya dress is deemed the most modest design. However, at Arabesque we’ve brought to you the modernised batwing abaya long dress. We offer both closed and open batwing abayas on our online abaya store, they’re designer abayas that are a modest garment yet a fashion piece that never becomes outdated.

One of our bestselling designs are the Batwing abaya UK. Not only can you wear multiple layers of clothing underneath to keep warm, but the loose fit makes you feel like you have no restrictions and the freedom to move. Because some people choose to hide the outline of their figure, this style of abaya is the perfect choice, not only does it speak modesty but also elegance.

Our range of batwing abayas include the middle-eastern clothing garment – Bisht. The Bisht is a batwing garment that is left open and is either coupled with one of our slip dresses or worn over a casual outfit of your choice. The bisht was solely traditional and made for men but has now been revolutionised to suit the modest, modern and middle class female Muslims. We have a range of bishts, in a variety of colours and designs at very reasonable prices.