Scarf Selection: Current fashion trends

Scarves, also known as hijabs or shawls, come in all kinds of sizes, designs, colors, materials, patterns and shapes to suit different attires and every unique woman out there. They have become fashion trends that can be worn on any occasion, and different times of the day. For instance, some scarves are designed for evening wear and others for day wear. They are also designed to be worn during the different seasons of the year, such as summer, spring, and winter, thanks to the different textiles available.

Whatever attire you wear, there is a shawl out there to meet your unique needs. Although scarves worn as hijabs are designed to suit every face shape out there, the trick lies in finding the right style that suits the specific shape of your face. All you have to do is play around with the folds and volume to come up with fun yet trending styles that will bring out the best in your looks.

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