Accessories Galore: Pins, Bobbles and More…

You can look more charming and beautiful in a hijab. There are various accessories that you can add to your outfit to make your appearance more sophisticated with an appealing touch. Some of the accessories are usually attached onto the hijab using pins or clips for an enhanced look. Others worn include headbands, ribbons, earrings, brooches, glasses, necklaces, and even shawls, among others.

Add style and glamour to your appearance using the following accessories.

Headbands – These have become trendy and a fashion icon for women who wear hijabs. When coupled with a trendy hijab style, your look is taken a notch higher. The headbands come in various models, such as chains, rocks, braids, and florals, among others. You can also use the headband tapilan to enhance your look.

Brooches – Brooches are a popular accessory made from various materials such as iron, yarns, sparkling ornaments, acrylic, chiffon, rope, flannel, pearls, and rocks to suit the different tastes and personalities out there. They also come in different shapes and patterns, for instance, animals, flowers, etc.

Ribbons – Ribbons can be pinned on the hijab using pins for a beautiful look with a chic touch. Large bands can be worn over the shoulders. Achieve the look of your choice with simple or complex ribbon shape and design of choice.

Earrings – Earrings worn with hijab usually come with safety pin brooches used as a hook for attaching them around your ears, normally on the inner veil. They blend well with plain-coloured hijabs, and are usually made of feathers, atoms, and even iron for a classic look.

Necklaces – There are trendy necklaces that can be worn with hijabs. The chosen necklace should go well with your attire. You can opt for the long or short choker (tight) necklace types that come in various materials. The chosen accessory should also match your style, and personality.

Glasses – There are various types of eye glasses worn as fashion items. They are decorative enough to complement your attractive appearance in a hijab. Glasses come in all sorts of colours, models, shapes, and designs. Choose a frame that either matches or contracts the color of your hijab for a glam look.

Shawls – A scarf is also known as a shawl as they serve the same purpose. Scarf pins are used to secure them in place. They can be draped over the shoulders, worn around the neck and can be made from yarns, silk, cotton, and even satin. You can choose a shawl with either a pattern or plain colour.

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